Deployment Guidelines

Recommendations for the implementation of green digital solutions

To help maximise benefits from the use of digital solutions with the potential to enable a positive net carbon impact*, the EGDC EP Pilot Project has developed Deployment Guidelines. The guidelines provide recommendations for developers/providers and buyers/users of digital solutions, as well as investors and policymakers to: 


  • Maximise carbon, resource and energy savings via the use of digital solutions,
  • Minimise a solution’s emissions as well as other potential negative impacts on the climate,
  • Define metrics and track them to understand the solutions’ impact,
  • Understand other sustainability impacts of the solutions, e.g., health or social impacts.


The guidelines cover the six different sectors identified as priority areas by the EGDC: Energy/Power, Transport, Construction/Buildings, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Smart Cities.

* Digital Solutions with the potential to enable a positive net carbon impact are technologies that can help users avoid or reduce climate-harming greenhouse gas emissions, usually through a reduction or avoidance of resource use (e.g. fuel, electricity, raw materials, etc.).

Examples of such digital solutions include a building management system that optimises cooling and heating systems reducing energy consumption, or fleet management systems that help optimise driving routes and behaviours which in turn reduces fuel consumption.

Who are the guidelines for?

The guidelines provide recommendations for different audiences, to help:

  • Developers and providers of digital solutions to develop and provide solutions which meet their customers’ needs while broadening the solutions’ reach; 
  • Buyers/users of solutions, such as companies and public buyers, to implement and use the solutions in an optimal way and measure their benefits on reducing energy consumption, carbon footprint, etc.
  • Organisations that facilitate deployment (e.g. policy-makers, sustainable finance) to understand which solutions will have the most optimal impact on economy, environment and society).
Consultation and co-creation approach

To ensure alignment with the priorities and requirements of all involved parties, the EGDC Pilot Project consulted relevant stakeholders via a series of sectorial workshops, involving parties from each priority sector, such as solution developers, end-users, and decision-makers to provide content and feedback on the deployment guidelines.

As a first consultation step, the EGDC Pilot Project gathered stakeholders’ insights via a questionnaire. The questionnaire targeted developers and providers of digital solutions, buyers/ users or potential users, investors, as well as sectoral experts. 

Deployment Guidelines