The path to sustainable digitalisation – EGDC Session at DIGITAL SME Summit 2023

13 November 2023  |  15:45 – 16:45 CET​ | Brussels & Online 

On 13 November 2023, the European Green Digital Coalition has been featured in a session entitled “The path to sustainable digitalisation – Measuring the contribution of digital solutions to a climate neutral future” at the DIGITAL SME Summit 2023, taking place in Brussels.

The session focused on the powerful potential of digital technologies in driving the green and digital transition of the European industry. It discussed the central role played by ICT SMEs in developing technologies enabling emission reduction across all other sectors, as well as the need to work hand in hand with all ecosystem players to achieve the European Green Deal’s ambitious targets. 

A key challenge in fully exploiting the enabling emission-reducing potential of digital solutions lies in providing concrete evidence and quantifying the positive impact of digitalisation on the environment and climate. Hence, this session explored the methodologies that have been developed within the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC). These methodologies strive to measure the net enabling impact of digital technologies by quantifying the emissions avoided via their use compared to the emissions they generate. Participants gained insights into assessment of real-world digital solutions (EGDC case studies) and into EGDC guidelines for deploying solutions for maximum sustainability impact.


15:45 Welcome and introduction by the session moderator

Déborah Goll, Senior Project Manager, European DIGITAL SME Alliance


15:50 Opening remarks

Elisa Roller, Director, Twin Transition, Economic and Social Affairs, Secretariat General, European Commission

16:00 Panel Discussion

Ilias Iakovidis, PhD, Adviser for Digital Aspects of Green Transformation, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Vlad C. Coroamă, PhD, Founder, Roegen Centre for Sustainability | Advisory Board member, European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC)

Veronika Thieme, Head of Delivery Europe, The Carbon Trust

Christos Ioakeimidis, PhD, Co-founder and CEO, INTELIGG

Jaanus Uiga, Environmental Manager – Global, Bolt

16:45 Wrap-up and end of the session