Second set of selected case studies for the EGDC calculators

The EGDC European Parliament Pilot Project has selected a second set of digital solutions (case studies) to be developed into case study calculators. The aim of the case study calculators is to assess the net environmental impact of the selected solutions.

This second set is comprised of six case studies, based on solutions submitted by companies from the EGDC membership and beyond. 


Inteligg – c-BEMS

c-BEMS is a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) tool for the Building energy management system (BEMS) that achieves high energy savings for any kind of buildings through building automation technologies by implementing remote control of multi-zonal heating/cooling and lighting systems via Wi-Fi connected sensors in a unique IoT platform by employing AI algorithms and Model Predictive Control to automate the energy/lighting consumption behavior detection, thermal modelling of the building, energy demand prediction and optimization.


AddSecure – Logic TMS

Logic TMS is a transport management system offered as an end-to-end solution for carriers. Logic TMS brings the entire order management process to a modern cloud-based platform, providing real-time control and insights that help optimize every stage of the transport process, including fleet and fuel utilization and order management. The AI-enabled AutoPlanner tool help calculate best route combination, highlighting associated fuel and cost savings


Telia Ekobot

Ekobot is an autonomous, electric field robot for mechanical weed control, which is connected to Telia’s 5G network. It allows for efficient and environmentally conscious farming. Ekobot can identify and mechanically remove weeds using advanced camera sensors and AI. It enables reductions in the use of chemicals on the field for healthier crops, soil, and produce.  

Smart cities

Nokia - Integrated Operations Center (IOC) for Nicosia Municipality Smart City (Cyprus)

The Integrated Operations Center platform is a digital enablement platform that increases productivity, efficiency and growth through agile introduction and largely automated utilization of digital operational technology assets and capabilities. It is part of the Smart City project of the Nicosia municipality in Cyprus in cooperation with Cyta, where among other operations, it is also used to provide information on waste bin fillings and traffic information using video analytics to reduce overall transport emissions and pollution levels. The main objective of Smart Nicosia project is the development and use of new technological means that will improve the management and functionality of the urban environment in the city of Nicosia.


Nokia - Conscious Factory

Nokia’s Conscious Factory, an Advanced 4th Industrial Revolution Lighthouse Factory of the Future, revolutionizes manufacturing by introducing enhanced connectivity and top digitalization technologies at scale. The solution saves energy by automating and optimizing production processes, increasing speed and quality at the same time, as well as reducing waste by avoiding flaws.


Atea GlobeTrack

GlobeTrack by Atea is a blockchain solution that tracks fish stock transport across cold-chain stages from Norway to a municipal district in Sweden. This tracking technology monitors food stock data metrics such as temperature, location during transport etc. to enable reduced fish stock wastage, more efficient and sustainable value chains and to improve food quality and traceability for customers.  

A third and final round of case study submissions will be carried out in early 2023. This will lead up to a total of 18 case studies, which will contribute to develop the net environmental impact methodology with real-life use cases.

Consult our page on Case Studies for more information on the case study calculators as well as the selection process.