EGDC Conference Session at MWC Barcelona 2023

28 February 2023 | 09:15-10:45 CET

The EGDC hosted a conference session at MWC Barcelona 2023, on Tuesday 28 February.

This high-level session recognised several digital carbon reduction solutions from the EGDC network for their net positive carbon impact and explored how to estimate the net environmental impact of real-life digital solutions across sectors. 

The shortlisted green digital solutions were showcased with short videos outlining how the solution help reduce carbon emissions.

The session convened senior dignitaries, policymakers, ICT leaders and EGDC members.

 Watch the recording

09:15  09:20

Opening video: EGDC introduction

09:20 09:25

Welcome Remarks

    John Giusti, Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA

09:25  09.30

Highlevel keynote address

    Pearse O’Donohue, Director of Future Networks, DG Connect 

09:30  09:35

Video: shortlisted green digital solution

09.35  09.50 

Panel Discussion: How the deployment of green digital solutions can be accelerated across Europe 

    Katie Collins, Senior European Correspondent, CNET    

    Erik Ekudden, SVP Group CTO, Ericsson 

    Alison Kirkby, CEO, Telia Company  

09.50  09.55

Video: shortlisted green digital solution

09.55  10.10

Panel Discussion: The progress of the EGDC project, and how members and partners are collaborating to take the project forward

    Ilias Iakovidis, Advisor, DG Connect, European Commission

    Luis Neves, CEO, GeSI

    Veronika Thieme, Head of Delivery – Europe, Carbon Trust

10.10 10.15

Video: shortlisted green digital solution

10.15 10.30

Fireside chat: Deep dive into the energy system and the role of connected technology in addressing the trilemma of ensuring security of supply, managing costs and transitioning to renewables

    Katie Collins, Senior European Correspondent, CNET

    Ana Paula Assis, Chair and GM EMEA, IBM

10.30 10.45

Photo session with the EGDC network

Event summary

On 28 February, the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC) held a conference session on “Harnessing the Potential of Green Digital Solutions” at MWC Barcelona. The high-level session was attended by policymakers, ICT leaders, and EGDC members. It recognized the net positive carbon impact of several digital solutions from the EGDC network and explored ways to calculate the net environmental impact of digital solutions across sectors. 

During the opening remarks and the keynote, both speakers discussed the importance of Europe’s leadership in the transition to a more sustainable future. John Giusti, Chief Regulatory Officer at GSMA, praised the EGDC’s efforts to accelerate Europe’s transition to climate neutrality and digitization. Pearse O’Donohue, Director of Future Networks at DG Connect, emphasized in his keynote speech the European Commission’s commitment to supporting a digital sector that aligns with EU values and drives down the carbon footprint of every sector of the economy. Together, their remarks underscored the urgency of the green digital transition and the need for collaboration and leadership from policymakers and industry leaders alike. 

The first panel, featured representatives of EGDC members. Alison Kirkby, CEO of Telia Company, and Erik Ekudden, SVP Group CTO of Ericsson, provided real-life examples of digital solutions contributing to emissions reduction in different sectors. They emphasized the pivotal role of policymaker support in acceleration the adoption of green digital solutions in Europe. Alison Kirkby stressed that “the digital transition will only happen if we have well-invested digital infrastructure, and regulations need to support that.” 

The second panel, moderated by Ilias Iakovidis, Advisor at DG Connect, European Commission, featured Luis Neves, CEO of GeSI, and Veronika Thieme, Head of Delivery – Europe at Carbon Trust. They discussed EGDC’s objectives, progress, and unique aspects of their work, highlighting challenges in developing methodologies and guidelines. Further, they explained how the EGDC methodology provides guidance on calculating the net carbon impact of digital solutions, with a focus on both the quality and breadth of data used. acknowledging the challenge companies face in collating real-life data but aiming for improved data collection in the future. 

The concluding fireside chat between moderator Katie Collins and Ana Paula Assis, Chair and GM EMEA at IBM, delved into the role of connected technology in addressing the trilemma of security of supply, cost management, and the transition to renewable energy. The discussion provided insights and advice for the audience to consider when pursuing a green transition path. 

Throughout the event, EGDC case studies videos were presented, outlining how the solutions help reduce carbon emissions. This allowed to provide the audience with real-life examples and insights into the calculated results.