Capgemini joins the EGDC

The EGDC welcomed its newest addition, Capgemini, which recently joined as a Coalition member, thus committing to work towards the actions of the EGDC Declaration. Capgemini is a French multinational company providing technology and consulting services.

Capgemini’s decision to join the Coalition is motivated by the company’s ambition to be carbon neutral across its supply-chain before 2030, and to be a net zero business well ahead of 2050. In these challenging times for our planet, Capgemini is mobilized to help speed up the transition to a more sustainable economy by leveraging technology and human energy. According to Capgemini, the biggest impact they can have is by helping their clients and their partners in accelerating their net zero transformations. By doing this, the multinational aims to help them save 10m tons of CO2eq by 2030.

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