EGDC Deployment test

As part of the EGDC EP (European Parliament) Pilot Project, deployment guidelines are being developed to help all stakeholders maximise the emission-saving potential of green digital solutions.


We are currently gathering insights to provide the most useful content for these guidelines, and here is where we need your help! To ensure your priorities and needs are addressed and reflected, we’ve developed a short questionnaire to compile key insights from all stakeholders. We’d appreciate it if you could take a moment (about 5 minutes) to answer our questions around green digital solutions.


Green digital solutions are technologies that help users avoid or reduce climate-harming greenhouse gas emissions, usually through a reduction or avoidance of resource use (e.g. fuel, electricity, raw materials, etc.). Examples of green digital solutions include a building management system that optimises cooling and heating systems reducing energy consumption, or fleet management systems that help optimise driving routes and behaviours which in turn reduce fuel consumption.